Introducing HurryDrain®

American Tubs offers customizable walk-in tubs with an array of features such as Air Massage, Hydro massage, Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, Micro Bubbles System, and quick drain - patented 2” Hurry Drain® system. HurryDrain® is a revolutionary bathtub drainage technology for American Tubs; It puts an end to this irritating problem by draining walk-in bathtubs (3X) three times faster than traditional drain systems, getting you out of the tub in a fraction of the time. What’s more, HurryDrain does this without the aid of dangerous motors or pumps that can break down, place added strain on plumbing, or lead to damage or flood.

Faster & Cleaner

Drains 3X faster than typical drains; Drains an average tub in about 90 seconds; The motorized drains take 2 ½ minutes to drain and use costly motorized pumps that can fail or damage existing plumbing; Drains so fast, the P-trap self-cleans each time it drains; Saves on plumbing calls caused by the need to clear the drain. If the drain ever becomes clogged, it’s easier to clean because the P-trap is in line with the drain and the opening is wider

Stronger & Better

Old drain systems are often made of cheap parts that can break or fail; HurryDrain is made of heavy-duty aerospace-grade materials; Designed to relieve stress on the drainage system; Fast and easy to install—only takes 5 minutes; No electrical or special plumbing required; Gives you a huge competitive edge

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Reduces the amount of parts and time involved by attaching directly to the P-Trap.
Each drain cycle with HurryDrain is actually self-cleaning the P-Trap assembly with the directed hydraulic force.

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What Makes Hurry Drain Unique
Drain 3X Faster

Drain 3X Faster

Drains an average tub in about 90 seconds with venting on a horizontal line, which creates a vortex unrestricted effect.



Cleaning out the P-Trap requires no specialty tools or knowledge; Simply remove the pop-up cap and vacuum or pull out debris directly from P-Trap.



Each drain cycle use with the HurryDrain is potentially self-cleaning the P-Trap assembly due to the amount of directed hydraulic force.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Reduces the amount of parts and time involved to assemble due to the assembly attaching directly to the P-Trap.


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